Saturday, January 21, 2012

Emergency Clinic

Casper is non-responsive and seems to be in a lot of pain today and won't eat. Our normal vet is not open so we are forced to take him to the emergency clinic. Our doctor at the emergency clinic seemed very worried about our poor baby. She couldn't believe our general vet just let us go home on Friday. She said it was 50/50 chance of him surviving. That was before he got the blood test results back. We admitted him to the emergency clinic so he can get intravenous fluids and more blood work. She seems to really care about our baby and wants to help him. She said I can call her as much as I want tonight, but that she would call me if anyone went wrong...or bad. So I don't want that call. So now I'm at home without my precious kitty. I feel empty just leaving him up there. Please pray that he gets well. I need him.

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