Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pancreatitis Almost NORMAL!!

Blood test comes back. Great news! Pancreatitis enzymes are almost normal!! Vet said he's practically fully recovered from pancreatitis. However, some bad news...his liver enzymes are off. They should be 15, but are over 50! What does this mean? Well we need to put him on prednisolone and start giving him any food he wants because eating is important. Okay, great I'm excited. We will put him on a new drug and it will cure him! Two days go by and he isn't better and still not eating much, I call the doc. She said to come in and get a syringe and special food so I can syringe feed him. I love my vet....but WHY didn't she suggest this sooner! I can't blame this on her I guess she has so much going on. I know she loves cats so I know it wasn't an intentional mistake. I go home and start doing research and I think our cat developed Hepatic Lipidosis...I have been reading all about it the last several days. I am in shock. Why didn't the doc say if the cat reduces it's diet for about 1-2 week that is is serious?? I just thought if a cat doesn't eat for one or two days its serious! My cat was eating about1 3 oz can (normal is 3 3oz cans) when he was on the Clindacure. I think this is what developed Hepatic Lipidosis in my kitty. I'm heartbroken. I could have done something to prevent it! When I saw he was reducing his diet while he was on Clindacure, I could have syring fed him the rest of his daily requirements so we could have prevented this! Why didn't anyone stress to me what a terrible disease this is and how easily it could happen?? He is now 8lbs 13 oz (remember a month prior he was 10lbs 15oz from a previous inital/normal weight of 15lbs!)

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