Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hepatic Lipidosis

So my cat is sick. Really sick. I have been syringe feeding him for about 10 days now. Tuesday night was hard. He had diarhhea really bad! All over the place; our bed, our floors, my lap. Yah, not fun. I was up until 3:30am tending to my cat and just cleaning everything up (because this started late at night). Then all the sudden his beautiful blue eye turns yellow. The iris part (the whites are already yellow because of jaundice. This happened on Wednesday and my vet office is closed. Unfortunatley, I am working an 11 hour day on Thursday so I can't see the vet then. I gave him IV fluids at home Wednesday and Thursday. My beloved Casper continues to get weaker. I was able to get time to take him to the vet on Friday at 4:30pm. They seem to think he has an eye infection, which I do believe there is something wrong with his eye (I plan to go to the animal optomistrist next week). They give him an enema (becuase he is constipated or just to weak to pass it), IV fluids and have instructed me to give IV fluids twice a day now. She also wants Casper to start on Clindacure...the medicine that made him stop eating in the first place. I said I would prefer it to be in capsule or pill form...I can get him to take that. I told the vet that I thought he would stop eating if we put him on that. I said this three times. She still pushed for the liquid Clindacure. Sure enough his first syringe after his first doage of Clindacure he refuses to eat! He clamps his mouth down shut spits anything out that we can get in. It's horrible!! The previous day he had 15 syringes (equivalent to 1.5- 5oz cans of food). Today, Saturday, he is doing worse than ever. I don't know what to do!

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