Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Okay, so the ultrasound checked tumors. Although he did say that the liver was a little dark. Ht did not tell me what that meant or if that was anything I should worry about. So I asked, after he offered no further explaination....'What does that mean?' He said that means there could be some inflamation. We are still waiting on the aspirate to come back and that could tell us if something else is wrong. The liver aspirate test comes back...pretty much inconclusive so he said that we should proceed with a biospy of the liver, intestines, and pancrease. I thought that just seemed overkill. Now that I know that his pancreatis has healed, we know that it was unnecessary at least for the pancrease biopsy! Okay so we do nothing...that is his recomendation. I was baffled by this. At this time, my cat has sever pancreatitis and we are doing nothing??!! It is suppose to just heal on its own? I don't understand. So we do nothing for two weeks and then a phone call from a fellow doctor at the internal medicine facility. I missed the call and called back. They said someone would call me back. That was Tuesday and no one did. The following Tuesday a week later, I was starting to get stressed we are doing nothing for my cat and he's sick! I call my general vet and tell her my cat is just not doing good. He needs help. She tells me she just got off the phone earlier that morning with the internal medicine specialist (so he calls her & not me?) and he told her that Casper has or may have toxoplasmosis. I still don't understand what tests either hinted at or 'sort of' (?!) confirmed this. But I was happy we could start treating him and making him feel better. So we put him on antibiotics...for two weeks. The Clindacure made casper less hungry. I didn't think anything of it...I was just glad he was on antibiotics and I thought it was okay that he was eating less for now while he was getting better...well two weeks later I bring him back to the vet and I tell them my cat feels better and moving around more but he's just not eating anymore.
So we do the big blood panel test again....waiting for results.

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